Laser cutting machine

Linear servo press line.

Photo Courtesy of ROLLOMATIC

Model LaserSmart 810XL, with its powerful laser source, has been designed for larger-diameter polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tools and other ultra-hard materials up to 12" dia., 14" length, and 33 lb load capacity.

This machine addresses the profile cutting and ablation of diamond tooling in the larger diameter range and tools with a Monoblock adaptor. Typical application fields for this machine are the automotive and aerospace industries.

Rollomatic Inc.

Linear servo press line

Photo Courtesy of BECKWOOD PRESS

The Linear Servo Press (LSP) line combines the flexibility of hydraulic presses with the performance of servo-mechanical presses, using an all-electric actuation system. The line was designed using linear actuators to achieve high accuracy and efficiency for forming flexibility with fully programmable speeds, pressures, and positions using a non-mechanical, non- hydraulic solution. LSP presses range from 125 tons to 500 tons.

Because LSP systems are fully electric, with up to 70% fewer components than servo-mechanical presses and hydraulic presses, they only use energy on-demand, reducing energy consumption.

Every LSP machine generates full tonnage through the stroke without the risk of tonnage loss or getting stuck at bottom dead center (BDC). Tonnages are not derated for long draws or strokes, and presses are appropriately sized for the application rather than upsizing to compensate for tonnage loss above BDC.

Tonnage monitoring and overload protection on every stroke are standard, and extreme bed-to-ram parallelism is a byproduct of the technology so dies last longer, double-hitting is eliminated, and tooling maintenance costs are lower.

Intuitive programming and cycle parameters offer flexibility in configuring speeds, pressures, positions, and recipe creation. The programming infrastructure offers full control with strict part traceability while monitoring key components.

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