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Mastercam 2023 offers more powerful multiaxis toolpaths, faster organized set-ups, flexible tool motion, and other features, based on feedback from users.

Consolidating multiaxis toolpaths. Morph, Parallel, Along Curve, and Project Curve are no longer individual toolpaths. The Unified toolpath allows access to these cut patterns when the appropriate curves are added. To create a toolpath that morphs between two surfaces, select Unified from the Multiaxis toolpaths, and then set the Cut Pattern to two surfaces with the Morph style.

Detecting undercut stock. Dynamic OptiRough and Area Roughing toolpaths can now be aware of undercut stock conditions, improving toolpath motion, including less air cutting.

Additional turning toolpath. The B-axis Contour Turning finishing toolpath allows for rotation of the B-axis while the tool is cutting. The toolpath features a top-down workflow and provides automatic or manual motion control. Automatic mode produces safe toolpath motion that keeps the insert in contact with the contour. Manual mode offers full control over the B-axis angles along the contour.

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High feed milling tools

Milling tough steels, stainless steels, superalloys, and titanium can cause built-up or notched edges and broken inserts that increase tooling costs and downtime. For these challenging ISO P, M, and S materials, the High Feed SP milling system combines dedicated cutting geometries and insert grades, plus optimized lead angles, that boost material removal rates, maximize chip evacuation, and extend tool life.

The tool optimizes operations such as copy milling, ramping, pocketing, face milling, and plunging to further reduce tooling inventories. Users optimize milling performance while eliminating the need to switch tools to implement various machining strategies.

SP milling tools provide simple insert indexing that prevents operator mistakes, unexpected machine downtime, and scrapped parts. Users can quickly access product information through the Seco data matrix code scanning.

Seco Tools

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Rotary tables

Torque Motor Rotary Tables (TMRT) enable 3-axis machine tools to be upgraded to 3+1, 3+2, 4+1, or 5-axis capability. High speed, high torque, built-in high- rigidity high-precision bearings, absolute encoders, and a powerful brake system ensure high precision when machining complex part geometries.

TMRT series direct-drive torque motors eliminate gear reducers and provide smooth motion, improving part surface finish. Directly coupled encoders and zero backlash enable tighter part tolerance.

Integral liquid cooling in the tables offers thermal stability even during high duty cycle, high load conditions. The TMRT series is compatible with most major CNC brands, making control integration straightforward.

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